Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Importance of women education

                         The population of women is greater than men. Women are the main main part of the society.We knows that men and women are two wheels of a cart. If one is wrong, the other can't move. Likewise, if women are illiterate, the society doesn't go forward.
                           The present condition of women is neglected. They are considered as a machine. They are not properly educated. So they have to bear domination. At their mind is full of superstition.
                             Women education has a great importance. They can contribute the society and their family in many ways. They can teach their child discipline, good manner and support the family.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Value of time

Time is valuable. It flows ceaselessly without any consideration for the convenience of any men. Time once gone is gone forever. we know lost wealth may be regained by industry; lost knowledge by study but lost time cannot be recovered by any means.
                         Many people don’t realize this. They waste their time, thinking that they would make up the loss on future but the hope may be never realized. This is why students who neglect their studies from day to day often fail in spite of very labors before the examination.
                          If we look around we see that successful men everywhere are those who made use of every moment of their time. The most prosperous nation is those who don’t waste anytime. We also should take lesson from them both for ourselves and for our nation.

Town life

Many villages are being converted into towns. More people are willing to live in the town. Town life has many advantages. People enjoy many facilities in towns. For example transportation, communication, electricity, school, college etc.People get clean drinking water in towns. They get employment in towns. To sum up town life is pleasant.
It has also some disadvantages. People look selfish. They are always in hurry. They don’t know the feeling of brotherhood.Moreover, it is a noisy life. People don’t get fresh air. Most of the towns are being set without any plan. It has caused great problem


                The word ‘Television’ is formed by two words.Tele means distance and vision means visibility from distance is known as T.V. It is a scientific device. It is used today widely in the world.
                This miraculous device has great use. It provides news, views and entertainment. We can watch the scenes and incidents happened in the world by sitting in the room, we can also enjoy songs, music and advertisements. It also gives education too.
                Although, it proves many things, it has some disadvantages. It affects mostly the children. They become too crazy and neglect study. It displays the horror scenes, pornography which leads the children as well as adult negatively. Therefore,we should reform our habit to use it properly.       


             Newspaper means reading paper, which is printed specially for news, information and entertainment. Man is curious by nature. He wants to know what is happening around him in the wide world. The newspaper is the best medium to meet this curiosity. So, it plays an important role in modern life.
            We know that news is a kind of information about a recently changed situation or a recent event, which is published in a newspaper. Newspaper is a publication consisting of a number of large sheets or folded paper on which news, advertisement and other information are printed.
             The primary object of a newspaper, as its name implies, is to give news. Modern newspaper has a wide range of subjects to meet different interests. Greater space is given to political news because they are of common concern.
               The newspaper has also a great educational value. There are also news about scientific inventions, games literacy, the stage, cinema and stock markets. We must be careful in it because most of the newspapers are party papers. We should keep an open mind and form own independent opinion on the problems discussed.                                       

Importance of education

             Education means development in knowledge and skills. It is a continuous process. It is learnt by birth .The process of learning continues until death. It is the
Valuable and permanent property of individuals. Education makes our life meaningful and worthy.
                 Education is the backbone of the development of life. It enables the people to
be independent. Developmental works need skilled manpower. For example doctors, teachers, administrators, engineers and clerks. It also provides technical manpower.
                 Education promotes national unity. If people are educated they can think and understand the needs of nation. It leads them to plan for the nation. United people are always helpful and co-operative. Educated people reform the society.Therefore; it is equally needed to all. The message of nation depends on education.

Good manners

            Good manner includes two words.” Good” refers to well and ‘manners” refers the way of behave. It means good manner is the way of well behaving. It is learnt by birth. All likes good mannered persons. Nobody likes a rude man’s behavior.
                     Good manner isn’t same in all communities. Some good manners are like love, pity, respect, honesty and patience. We must be always careful about treating others. Our good behavior influences our teachers, friends, neighbors and relatives.
                     Good manner is important to all. It helps to be success in life. Educated persons are expected to be mannered. Bad people have always bad friends while good people have always good friends. So every senior should teach their children about good manners. Then they can be good citizen.